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Guy is offering FREE information on the production and process in creating web communication products to those he calls 'web virgins'.

He provides basic information about HTML and a few key points that ALL WEB CONTENT OWNERS should be slightly informed about before hiring a 'web guy' or jumping onto the pre-formatted popular Content Management Systems (CMS) band wagon.

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other popular CMS may look like a fit or make it look easy to use.

Dreamweaver IS THE CMS of ALL serious web developers. It remains the leading software program.

Even working under government contracts that implemented a CMS, Dreamweaver is still used by the WEB GUY's and GIRL's to prepare the web content prior to importing it into their selected CMS of choice.

I do not expect people to understand this trade. It truly is a total mystery to those whom are not familiar with W3C web standards. It took me years to learn what I have learn. Many in this trade will not share their knowledge of the industry with their clients or even colleagues.

I once had a new client that requested a Content Management System (CMS) to manage their associations web site. From day one, I had asked for the USERNAME and PASSWORD to access their server to see what they had. Several months passed before the infornmation was provided. I spent countless hours working around the technical problem of not having access to their server. I was able to design, create, and show a LIVE concept of what I believed they wanted.

Months passed before receiving the information I required. Once I did get access, I learned they already had a CMS. I wasted so much time and did not truly earn any income on the projet. Working as a small business owner, we often will noy charge extra for all the extra time we spend on the projet. Especially with new clients.

Few web content owners realize that an experienced and knowledgable web person spends close to 90% of their time working in the <source code>. The work we do behind the page is not understood or visible to the clients. It's truly what goes into the <html code> that makes a web site pass W3C standards.

  • Domain Name
  • Server Provider
    • Your Control Panel
  • Basic HTML
    • HTML Tags
    • Meta Tags
  • WWW is W3C
    • W3C Validation Service
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Javascripts
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • A web master
  • Goodies
    • Dynamic Drive
    • CMS Samples
    • Widgets or Social Plugins


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I love reading your comments or seeing others liking and sharing what I publish on the web...

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