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Social Media Networks

they say we are often measured by the company we keep...

Leaders, Role Models, & Mentors

I've often tag

ged these people in my social media posts using Facebook and Twitter.

I've been very fortunate to have met so many incredible people. They all are doing exactly what they love to do.

I highly respect and admire these few highlighted people from varied social groups. I TAG them to hopefully.


My Social Media People

Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube of other social media sites, these are a few of the ones I've tagged and still tag.

Actors Suzie Kennedy, William Shatner  
Singers Cher, Bette, Celine, Barbara, Madonna

Ria Mae, Adele, Sia, Justin Bieber, Steven Page
Dua Lipa, Rag'N'Bone Man, Pink
Comedians Derek Seguin, Jessica Holmes, Mike Ward, Gerry Lee,  
Writers Brenda Chapman, Barbara Fradkin, Anthony Bidulka  
Politicians Jim Watson, Ottawa Mayor  
TV/Radio Dylan Black Jesse Reynolds https://twitter.com/daytimeottawa

Yes, they've be tagged on my social media posts on Facebook or Twitter.

Most artists and public figures use Facebook, Twitter, along with possibly Instagram, YouTube, while colleagues also have LinkedIn, Google Plus, or specific other art related sites like Behanced for instance.




I love reading your comments or seeing others liking and sharing what I publish on the web...

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