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Guy Mercier was born at home in a small rural Ontario village located between Ottawa and Cornwall named Moose Creek on the third of March 1960. He is a Franco Ontarian now living in the province of Quebec across from the national capital city of Ottawa, Canada in Gatineau’s Historic Hull district.

The middle child of the original family that expanded to two additional half-brothers from his father’s second and third wife.

He is a high school graduate with several college classes in the arts and communications. He is a registered graphic designer.

He has had several titles during his professional careers. He began as a long distance operator at Bell Canada. While working and going to school he climbed to become the production manager within the Stentor Communications department. He managed a team of designer that created all the national sales collateral, point-of-purchase, ad & promo, Internal & External Communications products. They were distributed to each province, as well as, the USA and the United Kingdom.
Stentor was the alliance of all the major telecommunication companies across Canada. Sadly, the CRTC deregulated the industry and Guy along with 700 other colleagues were part of a mass layoff.

He then worked as the senior designer for a local graphic design house for several years.  He has since worked for several graphic design houses around Ottawa as a contractor or sub contractor as a graphic designer or web developer.
Guy has worked under contract for several government departments. Such as:  Health Canada, CRTC, Public Health Agency of Canada, Transport Canada, Justice Canada, National Resources Canada, and the National Research Council (NRC) as a web developer. He corrected HTML pages until they passed W3C Validation and made them compliant to governmental accessibility web standards set forth by the Treasury Board of Canada.

He has been managing on his own since 2003 by either servicing his clients or by short-term government or trade contracts.

He is a published artist. He was featured in an international art magazine published in France. Guy had a twelve page spread in the magazine that was sold on the amazon.com web site.
He is proud of many things. He does love his work, dog, car, and social media friends. He has a huge global social media network of people.

Mary Jane Maffini

Mary Jane to me is very special. She is a member of seve
ral of the same associations I’ve been involved with over the last decade or so. Not only is she a published Canadian crime writer with an alias pen name but she is also a volunteer for Ottawa Therapy Dogs (OTD). She was also seen walking in the Ottawa pride parade.

It takes a special kinda lady to be able to be active in so many share associations. She has two adorable dogs that she brings on her OTD tours around Ottawa in varied institutions. She was recently featured on the Ottawa Morning TV show that my Twitter friend Dylan Black hosts.

He have been social media friends for several years on both Facebook and Twitter.
The world would be a better place with more people like Mary Jane. Bravo MJ for helping people in your community through animal assisted therapy and for being such a great lady with great writing skills that I admire and being involved with so many similar associations I greatly admire and respect.

It’s the common interests that made us cross our paths on our individual roads of life.

I honestly believe that no other human is better or above another human.

I highlighted and listed a few people that I highly respect and admire. Most are doing exactly what they LOVE to do and are or have succeeded.

I bet if you asked any of these people they’d all say they followed their own roads and paths.

These to me are the leaders, role models, and mentors I had/have in my life at the moment.

Interesting Facts…

It’s in you to give! Is the official tagline for the Canadian Blood Services. It was a former colleague from my Telecom Canada days by the name of Diane Descoste Johnson that came up with that tagline.

Interesting Facts…

I would never have met these artists had I not looked them up after hearing them on Jump 106.9 in Ottawa.

Jump Ottawa on Twitter

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