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My Twitter Associates

We are associated by what we do, have done, like, or love.

I am associated with these people and associations. The images will load either their Facebook or Twitter page in a new web browser window. I can only TAG those that I follow or follow me. I am known for over-tagging.  I am not afraid of tagging anyone. I have tagged and sent messages to people like Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Justin Trudeau, Cher, Barbara Streisand, and even Prince Harry.

I TAG them or message them when I’ve spoken of them to others on issues or posts relating to a common interest or concern. Granted, not all have replied. But YES, a few big celebrities have responded. I’m in awe having met and spoken to so many great artists.

Associated in many ways. The images in this table will load their respective Twitter pages. Some of us also follow each other on Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. Most, if not all artists and public figures have the same major social media sites.

I am following 424 other humans with 155 following me on Twitter.

Because of my settings on Facebook, ALL my Facebook posts get posted on Twitter. My Instagram posts get posted on Facebook.

I have met several artists simply by learning whom the artist that was playing on the radio or TV.

= Follow or Followed = Responded or Replied = Met in person =Old Colleague
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    It’s in you to give! Is the official tagline for the Canadian Blood Services. It was a former colleague from my Telecom Canada days by the name of Diane Descoste Johnson that came up with that tagline.

    Interesting Facts…

    I would never have met these artists had I not looked them up after hearing them on Jump 106.9 in Ottawa.

    Jump Ottawa on Twitter


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